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Acts 13:34 - Said

Acts 13:34 - And as concerning that he raised him up from the dead, now no more to return to corruption, he said on this wise, I will give you the sure mercies of David.
Verse Strongs No. Greek
And G1161 δέ
as concerning that G3754 ὅτι
he raised him up G450 ἀνίστημι
from G1537 ἐκ
the G3588
dead G3498 νεκρός
now no more G3371 μηκέτι
to G3195 μέλλω
return G5290 ὑποστρέφω
to G3195 μέλλω
corruption G1312 διαφθορά
he said G2046 ἐρέω
on this wise G3779 οὕτω
I will give G1325 δίδωμι
you G5213 ὑμῖν
the G3588
sure G4103 πιστός
mercies G3741 ὅσιος
of David G1138 Δαβίδ


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.