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Song of Solomon 2:9 - Like

Song of Solomon 2:9 - My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.
Verse Strongs No. Hebrew
My beloved H1730 דּוֹד
is like H1819 דָּמָה
a roe H6643 צְבִי
or H176 אוֹ
a young H6082 עֹפֶר
hart H354 אַיָּל
behold H2009 הִנֵּה
he H2088 זֶה
standeth H5975 עָמַד
behind H310 אַחַר
our wall H3796 כֹּתֶל
he H2088 זֶה
looketh forth H7688 שָׁגַח
at H4480 מִן
the windows H2474 חַלּוֹן
shewing himself H6692 צוּץ
through H4480 מִן
the lattice H2762 חֶרֶךְ


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.