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G908 - Baptism

Strong's No.:G908




Word Origin:From G907

Bible Usage:baptism.

Part of Speech:Noun Neuter


baptism (technically or figuratively)


1. immersion, submersion

a. of calamities and afflictions with which one is quite overwhelmed

b. of John's baptism, that purification rite by which men on confessing their sins were bound to spiritual reformation, obtained the pardon of their past sins and became qualified for the benefits of the Messiah's kingdom soon to be set up. This was valid Christian baptism, as this was the only baptism the apostles received and it is not recorded anywhere that they were ever rebaptised after Pentecost.

c. of Christian baptism; a rite of immersion in water as commanded by Christ, by which one after confessing his sins and professing his faith in Christ, having been born again by the Holy Spirit unto a new life, identifies publicly with the fellowship of Christ and the church. In Rom. 6:3 Paul states we are "baptised unto death" meaning that weare not only dead to our former ways, but they are buried. To returnto them is as unthinkable for a Christian as for one to dig up a deadcorpse! In Moslem countries a new believer has little trouble withMoslems until he is publicly baptised. It is then, that the Moslems'know he means business, and then the persecution starts. See alsodiscussion of baptism under No. 907.

Bible References:

baptism ( 22 )


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.