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H113 - Lord

Strong's No.:H113




Word Origin:From an unused root (meaning to rule)

Bible Usage:{lord} {master} owner. Compare also names beginning with Adoni-.

Part of Speech:Noun Masculine


{sovereign} that {is} controller (human or divine)

Brown Driver
Biggs Definition:

1. firm, strong, lord, master

a. lord, master

1. reference to men 1a

b. superintendent of household,of affairs 1a

c. master 1a

d. king

1. reference to God 1a

e. the Lord God 1a

f. Lord of the whole earth

g. lords, kings

1. reference to men 1b

h. proprietor of hill of Samaria 1b

i. master 1b

j. husband 1b

k. prophet 1b

l. governor 1b

m. prince 1b

n. king

1. reference to God 1b

o. Lord of lords (probably = "thy husband, Yahweh")

p. my lord, my master

1. reference to men 1c

q. master 1c

r. husband 1c

s. prophet 1c

t. prince 1c

u. king 1c

v. father 1c

w. Moses 1c

x. priest 1c

y. theophanic angel 1c

z. captain 1c

. general recognition of superiority

1. reference to God 1c

|. my Lord,my Lord and my God 1c

. Adonai (parallel with Yahweh)

Bible References:

lord ( 223 )
lords ( 4 )
master ( 97 )
masters ( 6 )
owner ( 1 )
sir ( 1 )


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.