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Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Adoram, 1 Kings 12:18), the son of Abda, was "over the tribute," i.e., the levy or forced labour. He was stoned to death by the people of Israel (1 Kings 4:6; 5:14)

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation

Naves Topical Index

Called also Adoram, a tax-gatherer.
2 Samuel 20:24; 1 Kings 4:6; 1 Kings 5:14; 1 Kings 12:18

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(lord of heights), (1 Kings 4:6) by an unusual contraction ADORAM, (2 Samuel 20:24) and 1 Kings 12:18 Also HADORAM, (2 Chronicles 10:18) chief receiver of the tribute during the reigns of David, (2 Samuel 20:24) Solomon, (1 Kings 4:6) and Rehoboam. (1 Kings 12:18) This last monarch sent him to collect the tribute from the rebellious Isr'lites, by whom he was stoned to death, (B.C. 1014-973.)