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Easton's Bible Dictionary

A city of Asia Minor on the coast of Mysia, which in early times was called AEolis. The ship in which Paul embarked at Caesarea belonged to this city (Acts 27:2). He was conveyed in it only to Myra, in Lycia, whence he sailed in an Alexandrian ship to Italy. It was a rare thing for a ship to sail from any port of Palestine direct for Italy. It still bears the name Adramyti, and is a place of some traffic.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

the court of death

Naves Topical Index

A city of Mysia.
Acts 27:2

Smith's Bible Dictionary

named form Adramys , brother of Croesus king of Lydia, a seaport in the province of Asia [ASIA], situated on a bay of the 'gean Sea, about 70 miles north of Smyrna, in the district anciently called 'olis, and also Mysia. See (Acts 16:7) [MITYLENE] (Acts 27:2) The modern Adramyti is a poor village.