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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Brother of help; i.e., "helpful."

1. The chief of the tribe of Dan at the time of the Exodus (Numbers 1:12; 2:25; 10:25).

2. The chief of the Benjamite slingers that repaired to David at Ziklag (1 Chronicles 12:3).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

brother of assistance

Naves Topical Index

1. Captain of the tribe of Dan

General references
Numbers 1:12; Numbers 2:25-26

Contributes to the tabernacle
Numbers 7:66-71

2. One of David's valiant men
1 Chronicles 12:3

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(brother of help).

  1. Son of Ammishaddai, hereditary chieftain of the tribe of Dan. (Numbers 1:12; 2:25; 7:66) (B.C. 1490).
  2. The Benjamite chief of a body of archers in the time of David. (1 Chronicles 12:3) (B.C. 1050.)