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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Brotherly, one of the sons of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:4). He is also called Ahiah (ver. 7) and Iri (1 Chronicles 7:7). His descendants were called Ahohites (2 Samuel 23:9, 28).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a live brother; my thorn or thistle

Naves Topical Index

Son of Bela
1 Chronicles 8:4

Called Ahiah
1 Chronicles 8:7

Called Ira
1 Chronicles 7:7

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(brothely), son of Bela the son of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 8:4) In (1 Chronicles 8:7) he is called AHIAH, OR AHIJAH. The patronymic, AHOHITE, is found in (2 Samuel 23:9,28; 1 Chronicles 11:12,29; 27:4)