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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Tent of the height, the name given to Judith, the daughter of Beeri = Anah (Genesis 26:34; 36:2), when she became the wife of Esau. A district among the mountains of Edom, probably near Mount Hor, was called after her name, or it may be that she received her name from the district. From her descended three tribes of Edomites, founded by her three sons.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

my tabernacle is exalted

Naves Topical Index

1. Wife of Esau

General references
Genesis 36:3; Genesis 36:14; Genesis 36:25

She is probably identical with Judith
Genesis 26:34

2. An Edomitish prince
Genesis 36:41

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Aholibamah or Abolibamah

(my tabernacle is exulted), One of the three wives of Esau. (B.C. 1797.) She was the daughter of Anah. (Genesis 36:2,26) In the earlier narrative, (Genesis 26:34) Aholi-bamah is called Judith, which may have been her original name.