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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. The son of Abigail, a sister of king David (1 Chronicles 2:17; 2 Samuel 17:25). He was appointed by David to command the army in room of his cousin Joab (2 Samuel 19:13), who afterwards treacherously put him to death as a dangerous rival (2 Samuel 20:4-12).

2. A son of Hadlai, and chief of Ephraim (2 Chronicles 28:12) in the reign of Ahaz.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

sparing the people

Naves Topical Index

1. Nephew of David

General references
2 Samuel 17:25; 1 Chronicles 2:17

Joins Absalom
2 Samuel 17:25

Returns to David, and is made captain of the host
2 Samuel 19:13

2 Samuel 20:8-12; 1 Kings 2:5; 1 Kings 2:32

2. Son of Hadlai
2 Chronicles 28:12

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a burden).

  1. Son of Ithra, or Jether, by Abigail, David's sister. (2 Samuel 17:25) He joined in Absalom's rebellion, B.C. 1023, was appointed commander-in-chief and suffered defeat by Joab. (2 Samuel 18:6) David, incensed against Joab for killing Absalom, forgave Amasa and appointed him Joab's successor. (2 Samuel 19:13) Joab afterwards, when they were both in pursuit of the rebel Sheba, pretending to salute Amasa stabbed him with his sword. (2 Samuel 20:10)
  2. A prince of Ephraim, son of Hadlai, in the reign of Ahaz. (2 Chronicles 28:12)

Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. A Levite, son of Elkanah, of the ancestry of Samuel (1 Chronicles 6:25, 35).

2. The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold," probably of Adullam (1 Chronicles 12:18).

3. One of the priests appointed to precede the ark with blowing of trumpets on its removal from the house of Obed-edom (1 Chronicles 15:24).

4. The father of a Levite, one of the two Kohathites who took a prominent part at the instance of Hezekiah in the cleansing of the temple (2 Chronicles 29:12).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary


Naves Topical Index

1. A Levite and ancestor of Samuel
1 Chronicles 6:25; 1 Chronicles 6:35

2. Leader of a body of men disaffected toward Saul, who joined David
1 Chronicles 12:18

3. A priest and trumpeter
1 Chronicles 15:24

4. A Levite of the Kohathites
2 Chronicles 29:12

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Amasai, or Amasai


  1. A Kohathite, father of Mahath and ancestor of Samuel (1 Chronicles 6:25,35)
  2. Chief of the captains of Judah and Benjamin, who deserted to David while an outlaw at Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:18) (B.C. 1060.)
  3. One of the priests who blew trumpets before the ark. (1 Chronicles 15:24)
  4. Another Kohathite, in the reign of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 29:12)