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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Lion-like, venerable.

1. A king of Ellasar who was confederate with Chedorlamer (Genesis 14:1, 9). The tablets recently discovered by Mr. Pinches (see CHALDEA) show the true reading is Eri-Aku of Larsa. This Elamite name meant "servant of the moon-god." It was afterwards changed into Rimsin, "Have mercy, O moon-god."

2. Daniel 2:14.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

long; great; tall

Naves Topical Index

1. King of Ellasar
Genesis 14:1; Genesis 14:9

2. Captain of Nebuchadnezzar's guard
Daniel 2:14-15; Daniel 2:24-25

Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. The king of Eliasar, one of the allies of Chedorlaomer in his expedition against his rebellious tributaries. (Genesis 14:1) (B.C. 1921-1912.)
  2. The captain of Nebuchadnezzar's body-guard. (Daniel 2:14) etc.
  3. Properly Eirioch , or Erioch , mentioned in Judith 1.6 as king of the Elym'ans.