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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Made by God, the youngest son of Zeruiah, David's sister. He was celebrated for his swiftness of foot. When fighting against Ish-bosheth at Gibeon, in the army of his brother Joab, he was put to death by Abner, whom he pursued from the field of battle (2 Samuel 2:18, 19). He is mentioned among David's thirty mighty men (2 Samuel 23:24; 1 Chronicles 11:26). Others of the same name are mentioned (2 Chronicles 17:8; 31:13; Ezra 10:15).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

creature of God

Naves Topical Index

1. Nephew of David, and one of his captains
2 Samuel 2:18-24; 2 Samuel 2:32; 2 Samuel 3:27; 2 Samuel 23:24; 1 Chronicles 2:16; 1 Chronicles 11:26; 1 Chronicles 27:7

2. A Levite, commissioned by Jehoshaphat to teach the law to Judah
2 Chronicles 17:8

3. A Levite, who had charge of tithes
2 Chronicles 31:13

4. Father of Jonathan
Ezra 10:15

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(made by God).

  1. Nephew of David, being the youngest son of his sister Zeruiah. He was celebrated for his swiftness of foot. When fighting under his brother Joab at Gibeon, he pursued Abner, who was obliged to kill him in self-defence. (2 Samuel 2:18) ff. [ABNER] (B.C. 1050.)
  2. One of the Levites in the reign of Jehoshaphat, who went throughout the cities of Judah to instruct the people in the knowledge of the law. (2 Chronicles 17:8) (B.C. 910.)
  3. A Levite in the reign of Hezekiah, who had charge of the tithes and dedicated things in the temple. (2 Chronicles 31:13) (B.C. 927.)
  4. A priest, father of Jonathan, in the time of Ezra. (Ezra 10:15) He is called AZ'L in 1Esd 9.14. (B.C. before 459.)