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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Stronghold, a Philistine city (Joshua 15:47), about midway between Gaza and Joppa, and 3 miles from the Mediterranean. It was one of the chief seats of the worship of Dagon (1 Samuel 5:5). It belonged to the tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:47), but it never came into their actual possession. It was an important city, as it stood on the highroad from Egypt to Palestine, and hence was strongly fortified (2 Chronicles 26:6; Isaiah 20:1). Uzziah took it, but fifty years after his death it was taken by the Assyrians (B.C. 758). According to Sargon's record, it was captured by him in B.C. 711. The only reference to it in the New Testament, where it is called Azotus, is in the account of Philip's return from Gaza (Acts 8:40). It is now called Eshdud.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

effusion; inclination; theft

Naves Topical Index

A city of the Philistines
Joshua 13:3; 1 Samuel 6:17; Amos 3:9

Anakim inhabit
Joshua 11:22

Assigned to Judah
Joshua 15:47

Dagon's temple in, in which the ark was deposited
1 Samuel 5:1-12

Conquest of, by Uzziah
2 Chronicles 26:6

Conquest of, by Tartan
Isaiah 20:1

People of, conspire against the Jews
Nehemiah 4:7-8

Jews intermarry with
Nehemiah 13:23-24

Prophecies concerning
Jeremiah 25:20; Amos 1:8; Amos 3:1-15; Zephaniah 2:4; Zech 9:6

Called Azotus
Acts 8:40

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Ashdod, or Azotus

(a stronghold), (Acts 8:40) one of the five confederate cities of the Philistines situated about 30 miles from the southern frontier of Palestine, three from the Mediterranean Sea, and nearly midway between Gaza and Joppa. It was assigned to the tribe of Judah, (Joshua 15:47) but was never subdued by the Isr'lites. Its chief importance arose from its position on the high road from Palestine to Egypt. It is now an insignificant village, with no memorials of its ancient importance, but is still called Esdud.

Smith's Bible Dictionary

the inhabitants of Ashdod, (Nehemiah 4:7) called Ashdothites in (Joshua 13:3)