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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. A city east of Jordan, not far from Gilead (Numbers 32:3).

2. A town on the border of Ephraim and Benjamin (Joshua 16:2, 7), called also Ataroth-adar (16:5). Now ed-Da'rieh.

3. "Ataroth, the house of Joab" (1 Chronicles 2:54), a town of Judah inhabited by the descendants of Caleb.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary


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Called also Atroth.

1. A city east of Jordan
Numbers 32:3; Numbers 32:34

2. A city, or possibly two different cities, of Ephraim
Joshua 16:2; Joshua 16:5; Joshua 16:7; Joshua 18:13

3. A city of Judah, called Atroth-beth-joab
1 Chronicles 2:54

4. A city of Gad
Numbers 32:35

Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. One of the towns in the "land of Jazer and land of Gilead," (Numbers 32:3) east of the Jordan, taken and built by the tribe of Gad. (Numbers 32:34)
  2. A place on the (south?) boundary of Ephraim and Manasseh. (Joshua 16:2,7) It is impossible to say whether Ataroth is or is not the same place as
  3. ATAROTH-ADAR, or -ADDAR, on the west border of Benjamin, "near the 'mountain' that is on the south side of the nether Beth-horon." (Joshua 16:5; 18:13) Perhaps the modern Atara, six miles northeast of Bethel.
  4. "ATAROTH, THE HOUSE OF JOAB," a place(?) occurring in the list of the descendants of Judah. (1 Chronicles 2:54)

Naves Topical Index

Called also Atarothaddar.

Ataroth, 2

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

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