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  • Doeg used 5 times.


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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Fearful, an Edomite, the chief overseer of Saul's flocks (1 Samuel 21:7). At the command of Saul he slew the high priest Ahimelech (q.v.) at Nob, together with all the priests to the number of eighty-five persons. (Comp. Psalms 52, title.)

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

careful, who acts with uneasiness

Naves Topical Index

An Edomite, present when Ahimelech helped David
1 Samuel 21:7; 1 Samuel 22:9; 1 Samuel 22:22; Psalms 52:1

Slew eighty-five priests
1 Samuel 22:18-19

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fearful), an Idumean, chief of Saul's herdmen. (B.C. 1062.) He was at Nob when Ahimelech gave David the sword of Goliath, and not only gave information to Saul, but when others declined the office, himself executed the king's order to destroy the priests of Nob, with their families, to the number of 85 persons, together with all their property. (1 Samuel 21:7; 22:9,18,22; Psalms 52)