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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. The son of Zohar a Hittite, the owner of the field and cave of Machpelah (q.v.), which Abraham bought for 400 shekels of silver (Genesis 23:8-17; 25:9; 49:29, 30).

2. A mountain range which formed one of the landmarks on the north boundary of the tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:9), probably the range on the west side of the Wady Beit-Hanina.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary


Naves Topical Index

1. Son of Zohar, the Hittite, sells to Abraham the field containing the cave Machpelah
Genesis 23:8-17; Genesis 25:9; Genesis 49:29-30; Genesis 50:13

2. A mountain on the boundary line between Judah and Benjamin
Joshua 15:9

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fawn-like), the son of Zochar, a Hittite, from whom Abraham bought the field and cave of Machpelah. (Genesis 23:8-17; 25:9; 49:29,30; 50:13) (B.C. 1860.)

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Ephron, Mount

The "cities of Mount Ephron" formed one of the landmarks on the northern boundary of the tribe of Judah. (Joshua 15:9)