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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. "The Ezrahite," distinguished for his wisdom (1 Kings 4:31). He is named as the author of the 89th Psalm. He was of the tribe of Levi.

2. A Levite of the family of Merari, one of the leaders of the temple music (1 Chronicles 6:44; 15:17, 19). He was probably the same as Jeduthun. He is supposed by some to be the same also as (1).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

strong; the gift of the island

Naves Topical Index

1. A renowned sage

General references
1 Kings 4:31

Reference title, Psalm 89
Psalms 89:1

2. Son of Zerak
1 Chronicles 2:6; 1 Chronicles 2:8

3. Two Levites
1 Chronicles 6:42; 1 Chronicles 6:44; 1 Chronicles 15:17; 1 Chronicles 15:19

Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. Ethan the Ezrahite, one of the four sons of Mahol, whose wisdom was excelled by Solomon. (1 Kings 4:31; 1 Chronicles 2:6) His name is in the title of (Psalms 89:1)
  2. Son of Kishi or Kushaiah; a Merarite Levite, head of that family in the time of King David, (1 Chronicles 6:44) and spoken of as a "singer." With Heman and Asaph, the heads of the other two families of Levites, Ethan was appointed to sound with cymbals. (1 Chronicles 15:17,19)
  3. A Gershonite Levite, one of the ancestors of Asaph the singer. (1 Chronicles 6:42) Hebrews 27. (B.C. 1420.)

Easton's Bible Dictionary

The month of gifts, i.e., of vintage offerings; called Tisri after the Exile; corresponding to part of September and October. It was the first month of the civil year, and the seventh of the sacred year (1 Kings 8:2).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

strong; valiant

Naves Topical Index

Seventh month (October).

Feast of Trumpets in
Leviticus 23:23-25

Day of Atonement, on the tenth day of
Leviticus 23:26-32

Feast of Tabernacles in
Leviticus 23:33-43

Jubilee proclaimed on the tenth day of
Leviticus 25:9

Temple dedicated in
1 Kings 8:2

Altar restored in, after the captivity
Ezra 3:1; Ezra 3:6

Smith's Bible Dictionary