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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Press of the pomegranate.

1. A Levitical city in the tribe of Dan (Joshua 19:45; 21:24; 1 Chronicles 6:69).

2. Another city of the same name in Manasseh, west of the Jordan (Joshua 21:25), called also Bileam (1 Chronicles 6:70).

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(press of the pomegranate)

  1. A city given out of the tribe of Dan to the Levites. (Joshua 21:24; 1 Chronicles 6:69) situated on the plain of Philistia, apparently not far from Joppa. (Joshua 19:45)
  2. A town of the half tribe of Manasseh west of the Jordan, assigned to the Levites. (Joshua 21:25) The reading Gath-rimmon is probably an error of the transcribers.