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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Called also Azzah, which is its Hebrew name (Deuteronomy 2:23; 1 Kings 4:24; Jeremiah 25:20), strong, a city on the Mediterranean shore, remarkable for its early importance as the chief centre of a great commercial traffic with Egypt. It is one of the oldest cities of the world (Genesis 10:19; Joshua 15:47). Its earliest inhabitants were the Avims, who were conquered and displaced by the Caphtorims (Deuteronomy 2:23; Joshua 13:2, 3), a Philistine tribe. In the division of the land it fell to the lot of Judah (Joshua 15:47; Judges 1:18). It was the southernmost of the five great Philistine cities which gave each a golden emerod as a trespass-offering unto the Lord (1 Samuel 6:17). Its gates were carried away by Samson (Judges 16:1-3). Here he was afterwards a prisoner, and "did grind in the prison house." Here he also pulled down the temple of Dagon, and slew "all the lords of the Philistines," himself also perishing in the ruin (Judges 16:21-30). The prophets denounce the judgments of God against it (Jeremiah 25:20; 47:5; Amos 1:6, 7; Zephaniah 2:4). It is referred to in Acts 8:26. Philip is here told to take the road from Jerusalem to Gaza (about 6 miles south-west of Jerusalem), "which is desert", i.e., the "desert road," probably by Hebron, through the desert hills of Southern Judea. (See SAMSON.)

It is noticed on monuments as early as B.C. 1600. Its small port is now called el-Mineh.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

strong; a goat

Naves Topical Index

1. Called also Azzah

A city of the Philistines
Joshua 13:3; Jeremiah 25:20

One of the border cities of the Canaanites
Genesis 10:19

A city of the Avim and Anakim
Deuteronomy 2:23; Joshua 11:22

Allotted to Judah
Joshua 15:47; Judges 1:18

A temple of Dagon, situated at
Judges 16:23

Samson dies at
Judges 16:21-31

On the western boundary of the kingdom of Israel in the time of Solomon
1 Kings 4:24

Smitten by Pharaoh
Jeremiah 47:1

Prophecies relating to
Amos 1:6-7; Zephaniah 2:4; Zech 9:5

Desert of
Acts 8:26-39

2. A city of Ephraim
Judges 6:4; 1 Chronicles 7:28

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the fortified; the strong) (properly Azzah), one of the five chief cities of the Philistines. It is remarkable for its continuous existence and importance from the very earliest times. The secret of this unbroken history is to be found in the situation of Gaza. It is the last town in the southwest of Palestine, on the frontier towards Egypt. The same peculiarity of situation has made Gaza important in a military sense. Its name means "the strong;" and this was well elucidated in its siege by Alexander the Great, which lasted five months. In the conquest of Joshua the territory of Gaza is mentioned as one which he was not able to subdue. (Joshua 10:41; 11:22; 13:3) It was assigned to the tribe of Judah, (Joshua 15:47) and that tribe did obtain possession of it, (Judges 1:18) but did not hold it long, (Judges 3:3; 13:1) and apparently it continued through the time of Samuel, Saul and David to be a Philistine city. 1 Samuel 6:17; 14:52; 31:1; 2 Samuel 21:15 Solomon became master of "Azzah," (1 Kings 4:24) but in after times the same trouble with the Philistines recurred. (2 Chronicles 21:16; 26:6; 28:18) The passage where Gaza is mentioned in the New Testament (Acts 8:26) is full of interest. It is the account of the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch on his return from Jerusalem to Egypt. Gaza is the modern Ghuzzeh , a Mohammedan town of about 16,000 inhabitants, situated partly on an oblong hill of moderate height and partly on the lower ground. The climate of the place is almost tropical, but it has deep wells of excellent water. There are a few palm trees in the town, and its fruit orchards are very productive; but the chief feature of the neighborhood is the wide-spread olive grove to the north and northeast

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a treasurer

Naves Topical Index

Inhabitants of Gaza
Joshua 13:3

Called Gazites
Judges 16:2

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Gazathites, the

(Joshua 13:3) the inhabitants of Gaza.