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Easton's Bible Dictionary

1. A district in Egypt where Jacob and his family settled, and in which they remained till the Exodus (Genesis 45:10; 46:28, 29, 31, etc.). It is called "the land of Goshen" (47:27), and also simply "Goshen" (46:28), and "the land of Rameses" (47:11; Exodus 12:37), for the towns Pithom and Rameses lay within its borders; also Zoan or Tanis (Psalms 78:12). It lay on the east of the Nile, and apparently not far from the royal residence. It was "the best of the land" (Genesis 47:6, 11), but is now a desert. It is first mentioned in Joseph's message to his father. It has been identified with the modern Wady Tumilat, lying between the eastern part of the Delta and the west border of Palestine. It was a pastoral district, where some of the king's cattle were kept (Genesis 47:6). The inhabitants were not exclusively Israelites (Exodus 3:22; 11:2; 12:35, 36).

2. A district in Palestine (Joshua 10:41; 11:16). It was a part of the maritime plain of Judah, and lay between Gaza and Gibeon.

3. A town in the mountains of Judah (Joshua 15:51).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

approaching; drawing near

Naves Topical Index

1. A district in Egypt especially adapted to herds and flocks

Israelites dwelt in
Genesis 45:10; Genesis 46:28; Genesis 1:47

Exempted from plagues
Exodus 8:22; Exodus 9:26

2. A town and district of Judah
Joshua 10:41; Joshua 11:16; Joshua 15:51

Smith's Bible Dictionary

  1. The name of a part of Egypt where the Isr'lites dwelt during the whole period of their sojourn in that country. It was probably situated on the eastern border of the Nile, extending from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. It contained the treasure-cities of Rameses and Pittim. It was a pasture land, especially suited to a shepherd people, and sufficient for the Isr'lites, who there prospered, and were separate from the main body of the Egyptians.
  2. A district in southern Palestine conquered by Joshua. (Joshua 10:41) It lay between Gaza and Gibeon.
  3. A town in the mountains of Judah, probably in a part of the country of Goshen.