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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Adod is his help, the name given to Hadadezer (2 Samuel 8:3-12) in 2 Samuel 10.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

same as Hadadezer

Naves Topical Index

See Hadadezer

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(Hadad's help), son of Rehob, (2 Samuel 8:3) the king of the Aramite state of Zobah, who was pursued by David and defeated with great loss. (1 Chronicles 18:3,4) (B.C. 1035.) After the first repulse of the Ammonites and their Syrian allies by Joab, Hadarezer sent his army to the assistance of his kindred the people of Maachah, Rehob and Ishtob. (1 Chronicles 19:16; 2 Samuel 10:15) comp. 2 Samuel 10:8 Under the command of Shophach or Shobach, the captain of the host, they crossed the Euphrates, joined the other Syrians, and encamped at a place called Helam. David himself came from Jerusalem to take the command of the Isr'lite army. As on the former occasion, the route was complete.