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Easton's Bible Dictionary

He-ass, a Hivite from whom Jacob purchased the plot of ground in which Joseph was afterwards buried (Genesis 33:19). He is called "Emmor" in Acts 7:16. His son Shechem founded the city of that name which Simeon and Levi destroyed because of his crime in the matter of Dinah, Jacob's daughter (Genesis 34:20). Hamor and Shechem were also slain (ver. 26).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

an ass; clay; dirt

Naves Topical Index

Father of Shechem.

Jacob buys ground from
Genesis 33:19; Joshua 24:32; Judges 9:28

Murdered by the sons of Jacob
Genesis 34:26; Genesis 49:6

Called Emmor
Acts 7:16

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(an ass), a Hivite who at the time of the entrance of Jacob on Palestine was prince of the land and city of Shechem. (Genesis 33:19; 34:2,4,6,8,13,18,20,24,26) (B.C. 1737.) [DINAH]