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  • Ivah used 3 times.


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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Overturning, a city of the Assyrians, whence colonists were brought to Samaria (2 Kings 18:34; 19:13). It lay on the Euphrates, between Sepharvaim and Henah, and is supposed by some to have been the Ahava of Ezra (8:15).

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Naves Topical Index

A district in Babylon conquered by the Assyrians.
2 Kings 18:34; 2 Kings 19:13; Isaiah 37:13

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(ruined), or A'va , which is mentioned in Scripture twice, (2 Kings 18:34; 19:13) comp. Isaiah 37:13 In connection with Hena and Sepharvaim, and once, (2 Kings 17:24) in connection with Babylon and Cuthah, must be sought in Babylonia, and is probably identical with the modern Hit, on the Euphrates.