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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Two cities; a double city.

1. A city of refuge in Naphtali (1 Chronicles 6:76).

2. A town on the east of Jordan (Genesis 14:5; Deuteronomy 2:9, 10). It was assigned to the tribe of Reuben (Numbers 32:37). In the time of Ezekiel (25:9) it was one of the four cities which formed the "glory of Moab" (comp. Jeremiah 48:1, 23). It has been identified with el-Kureiyat, 11 miles south-west of Medeba, on the south slope of Jebel Attarus, the ancient Ataroth.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

the two cities; callings; or meetings

Naves Topical Index

1. Called Kiriathaim:

A city of Reuben
Numbers 32:37; Joshua 13:19

Prophecies concerning
Jeremiah 48:1; Jeremiah 48:23; Ezekiel 25:9

2. A Levitical city in Naphtali
1 Chronicles 6:76