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  • Oreb used 7 times.


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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Raven, a prince of Midian, who, being defeated by Gideon and put to straits, was slain along with Zeeb (Judges 7:20-25). Many of the Midianites perished along with him (Psalms 83:9; Isaiah 10:26).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a raven

Naves Topical Index

1. A prince of Midian, overcome by Gideon and killed by the Ephraimites
Judges 7:25; Judges 8:3; Psalms 83:11

2. A rock east of the Jordan, where Oreb was slain
Judges 7:25; Isaiah 10:26

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(raven), one of the chieftains of the Midianite host which invaded Isr'l, and was defeated and driven back by Gideon. (Judges 7:25) (B.C. 1362.) Isaiah, (Isaiah 10:26) refers to the magnitude of this disaster. Comp. (Psalms 83:1) ...

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Oreb, the Rock

the "raven's crag," the spot, east of Jordan, at which the Midianite chieftain Oreb with thousands of his countrymen, fell by the hand of the Ephraimites, and which probably acquired its name therefrom. It is mentioned in (Judges 7:25; Isaiah 10:26) Perhaps the place called 'Orbo which in the Bereshith Rabba is stated to have been in the neighborhood of Bethshean, may have some connection with it.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Oreb, the Rock of

The place where Gideon slew Oreb after the defeat of the Midianites (Judges 7:25; Isaiah 10:26). It was probably the place now called Orbo, on the east of Jordan, near Bethshean.