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Easton's Bible Dictionary

The Lord opened his eyes, the son and successor of Menahem on the throne of Israel. He was murdered in the royal palace of Samaria by Pekah, one of the captains of his army (2 Kings 15:23-26), after a reign of two years (B.C. 761-759). He "did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord."

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

it is the Lord that opens

Naves Topical Index

Son of Menahem.

King of Israel
2 Kings 15:22-26

Plotted against and slain by Pekah
2 Kings 15:25

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(whose eyes Jehovah opened), son and successor of Menahem was the 17th king of the separate kingdom of Isr'l, B.C. 759-757. After a brief reign of scarcely two years a conspiracy was organized against him by Pekah, who murdered him and seized the throne.