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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. One of the spies sent out by Moses to search the land (Numbers 13:4). He represented the tribe of Reuben.

2. One of David's sons (1 Chronicles 14:4; 3:5, "Shimea;" 2 Samuel 5:14).

3. A Levite under Nehemiah (11:17).

Naves Topical Index

1. The representative of Reuben among the twelve spies sent into Canaan
Numbers 13:4

2. Shammuah
3. A Levite:

Father of Abda
Nehemiah 11:17

Called Shemaiah
1 Chronicles 9:16

4. A Priest
Nehemiah 12:18

Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. Reubenite spy, son of Zaccur. (Numbers 13:4) (B.C. 1490.)
  2. Son of David, by his wife Bathsheba. (1 Chronicles 14:4) (B.C. 1045.)
  3. A Levite, the father of Abda. (Nehemiah 11:17) The same as SHEMAIAH, 6.
  4. The representative of the priestly family of Bilgah or Bilgai, in the days of Joiakim. (Nehemiah 12:18) (B.C. about 500.)

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

he that is heard; he that is obeyed

Naves Topical Index

Son of David
2 Samuel 5:14

Called Shimea
1 Chronicles 3:5

Called Shammua
1 Chronicles 14:4

Smith's Bible Dictionary

son of David, (2 Samuel 5:14) elsewhere called Shammua and Shimea.