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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Captive of God.

1. One of the descendants of Gershom, who had charge of the temple treasures in the time of David (1 Chronicles 23:16; 26:24).

2. One of the sons of Heman; one of those whose duty it was to "lift up the horn" in the temple service (1 Chronicles 25:4, 5); called also Shubael (ver. 20).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

turning, or captivity, or seat, of God

Naves Topical Index

1. Son of Gershom

General references
1 Chronicles 23:16; 1 Chronicles 26:24

Called Shubael
1 Chronicles 24:20

2. A singer, son of Heman

General references
1 Chronicles 25:4

Called Shubael
1 Chronicles 25:20

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Shebuel, or Shebuel

(captive of God).

  1. A descendant of Moses, (1 Chronicles 23:16; 26:24) called also SHUB'L. (1 Chronicles 24:20) (B.C. 1013).
  2. One of the fourteen sons of Heman the minstrel, (1 Chronicles 25:4) called also SHUB'L. (1 Chronicles 25:20) (B.C. 1013.)