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Easton's Bible Dictionary

(correctly Shi'hor) black; dark the name given to the river Nile in Isaiah 23:3; Jeremiah 2:18. In Joshua 13:3 it is probably "the river of Egypt", i.e., the Wady el-Arish (1 Chronicles 13:5), which flows "before Egypt", i.e., in a north-easterly direction from Egypt, and enters the sea about 50 miles south-west of Gaza.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

black; trouble (the river Nile)

Naves Topical Index

Called also Shihor, a river of Egypt, given by some authorities as the Nile.
Joshua 13:3; 1 Chronicles 13:5; Isaiah 23:3; Jeremiah 2:18

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(dark), accurately Shi'hor, once The Shihor, or Shihor of Egypt, when unqualified a name of the Nile. It is held to signify "the black" or "turbid." In Jeremiah the identity of Shihor with the Nile seems distinctly stated. (Jeremiah 2:18) The stream mentioned in (1 Chronicles 13:5) is possibly that of the Wadi l' Areesh .