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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DISOBEDIENCE, noun [dis and obedience.]

1. Neglect or refusal to obey; violation of a command or prohibition; the omission of that which is commanded to be done, or the doing of that which is forbid; breach of duty prescribed by authority.

By one mans disobedience many were made sinners. Romans 5:19.

2. Non-compliance.

This disobedience of the moon.

Naves Topical Index
Disobedience to God

Denunciations against
Numbers 14:11-12; Numbers 14:22-24; Numbers 32:8-13; Deuteronomy 18:19; Deuteronomy 28:15-68; Leviticus 26:14-46

Punishment of:

Of the Egyptians by plagues
Plague; Sin, Punishment of

Instances of:

Of Adam and Eve, eating the forbidden fruit
Genesis 3:6-11

Of Lot, in refusing to go to the mountain, as commanded by the angels
Genesis 19:19-20

Of Lot's wife, in looking back upon Sodom
Genesis 19:26

Of Moses:

In making excuses when commissioned to deliver Israel
Exodus 4:13-14

When he smote the rock
Numbers 20:11; Numbers 20:23-24

Of Aaron, at the smiting of the rock by Moses
Numbers 20:23-24

Of Pharaoh, in refusing to let the children of Israel go
Exodus 5:2; Exodus 7:13; Exodus 7:22-23; Exodus 8:15; Exodus 8:19; Exodus 8:32; Exodus 9:12; Exodus 9:34; Exodus 10:20; Exodus 10:27; Exodus 11:10; Exodus 14:8

Of the children of Israel:

In gathering excessive quantities of manna
Exodus 16:19-20

In refusing to enter the promised land
Deuteronomy 1:26; Numbers 14:1-10; Joshua 5:6; Psalms 106:24-25

Of Nadab and Abihu, in offering strange fire
Leviticus 10:1-2

Of Balaam, in accompanying the messengers from Balak
Numbers 22:22

Of Achan, in secreting the wedge of gold and the Babylonian garment
Joshua 7:15-26

Of Saul:

In offering a sacrifice
1 Samuel 13:13

In sparing Agag and the spoils of the Amalekites
1 Samuel 9:15; 1 Samuel 28:18

Of David, in his adultery, and in the slaying of Uriah
2 Samuel 12:9

Of Solomon, in building places for idolatrous worship
1 Kings 11:7-10

Of the prophet of Judah, in not keeping the commandment to deliver his message to Jeroboam without delay
1 Kings 11:13

Of a man of Israel, who refused to smite the prophet
1 Kings 20:35-36

Of Ahab, in suffering the king of Assyria to escape out of his hands
1 Kings 20:42

Of priests, in not performing their functions after the due order
1 Chronicles 15:13

Of the people of Judah, in going to dwell in Egypt contrary to divine command
Jeremiah 43:7; Jeremiah 44:12-14

Of Jonah, in refusing to deliver the message to the Ninevites
Jeremiah 32:1

Of the blind men Jesus healed, and commanded not to publish their healing
Matthew 9:30-31

Of the leper whom Jesus healed, and commanded not to publish the fact
Mark 1:45

Of Paul, in going to Jerusalem contrary to repeated admonitions
Acts 21:4; Acts 21:10-14

Of children
Children, Commandments to

Of the righteous