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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Acts 18:2; 27:1, 6; Hebrews 13:24), like most geographical names, was differently used at different periods of history. As the power of Rome advanced, nations were successively conquered and added to it till it came to designate the whole country to the south of the Alps. There was constant intercourse between Palestine and Italy in the time of the Romans.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

abounding with calves or heifers

Naves Topical Index

General references
Acts 27:2; Hebrews 13:24

Aquila and Priscilla expelled from
Acts 18:2

Smith's Bible Dictionary

This word is used in the New Testament, (Acts 18:2; 27:1; Hebrews 13:24) in the usual sense of the period, i.e. in its true geographical sense, as denoting the whole natural peninsula between the Alps and the Straits of Messina.