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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Reminding, or remembrancer, a Christian of Jerusalem with whom Paul lodged (Acts 21:16). He was apparently a native of Cyprus, like Barnabas (11:19, 20), and was well known to the Christians of Caesarea (4:36). He was an "old disciple" (R.V., "early disciple"), i.e., he had become a Christian in the beginning of the formation of the Church in Jerusalem.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a diligent seeker; an exhorter

Naves Topical Index

A native and Christian of Cyprus who entertained Paul.
Acts 21:16

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(remembering) is honorably mentioned in Scripture. (Acts 21:16) It is most likely that his residence at this time was not C'sarea, but Jerusalem. He was a Cyprian by birth, and may have been a friend of Barnabas. (Acts 4:36)