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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Ahijah the prophet, whose home was in Shiloh, is so designated (1 Kings 11:29; 15:29). The plural form occurs (1 Chronicles 9:5), denoting the descendants of Shelah, Judah's youngest son.

Naves Topical Index

1. A man of Shiloh
1 Kings 11:29; 1 Kings 12:15; 1 Kings 15:29; 2 Chronicles 9:29; 2 Chronicles 10:15

2. Used, apparently, to denote a descendant of Shelah

General references
1 Chronicles 9:5

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Shilonite, the

that is, the native or resident of Shiloh; a title ascribed only to Ahijah. (1 Kings 11:29; 12:15; 15:29; 2 Chronicles 9:29; 10:15)

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Shilonites, the

are mentioned among the descendants of Judah dwelling in Jerusalem at a date difficult to (1 Chronicles 8:5) They are doubtless the members of the house of Shelah, who in the Pentateuch are more accurately designated Shelanites.