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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Abounding in furrows.

1. One of the Anakim of Hebron, who were slain by the men of Judah under Caleb (Numbers 13:22; Joshua 15:14; Judges 1:10).

2. A king of Geshur, to whom Absalom fled after he had put Amnon to death (2 Samuel 3:3; 13:37). His daughter, Maachah, was one of David's wives, and the mother of Absalom (1 Chronicles 3:2).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters

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Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. One of the three sons of "the Anak" who were slain by the men of Judah. (Numbers 13:22; Joshua 15:14; Judges 1:10) (B.C. 1450.)
  2. Son of Ammihud king of Geshur. (2 Samuel 3:3; 13:37; 1 Chronicles 3:2) He was probably a petty chieftain, dependent on David. (B.C. 1040.)