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Easton's Bible Dictionary

A hole in the ground (Exodus 21:33, 34), a cistern for water (Genesis 37:24; Jeremiah 14:3), a vault (41:9), a grave (Psalms 30:3). It is used as a figure for mischief (Psalms 9:15), and is the name given to the unseen place of woe (Revelation 20:1, 3). The slime-pits in the vale of Siddim were wells which yielded asphalt (Genesis 14:10).

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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

PIT, verb transitive To indent; to press into hollows.

1. To mark with little hollows, as by variolous pustules; as the face pitted by the small pocks.

2. To set in competition, as in combat.