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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

RI'SING, participle present tense

1. Getting up; ascending; mounting; springing; proceeding from; advancing; swelling; increasing; appearing above the horizon; reviving from death, etc.

2. Increasing in wealth, power or distinction; as a rising state; a rising character.

RI'SING, noun

1. The act of getting up from any recumbent or sitting posture.

2. The act of ascending; as the rising of vapor.

3. The act of closing a session, as of a public body; as the rising of the legislature.

4. The appearance of the sun or a star above the horizon.

5. The act of reviving from the dead; resurrection.

Mark 9:10.

6. A tumor on the body. Leviticus 13:2.

7. An assembling in opposition to government; insurrection; sedition or mutiny.