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Ezekiel 6:6 - In all your dwellingplaces the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and your works may be abolished.
Verse Strongs No. Hebrew
In all H3605 כֹּל
your dwellingplaces the cities H5892 עִיר
shall be laid waste H2717 חָרַב
and the high places H4186 מוֹשָׁב
shall be desolate H3456 יָשַׁם
that H4616 מַעַן
your altars H4196 מִזְבֵּחַ
may be laid waste H2717 חָרַב
and made desolate H3456 יָשַׁם
and your idols H1544 גִּלּוּל
may be broken H7665 שָׁבַר
and cease H7673 שָׁבַת
and your images H2553 חַמָּן
may be cut down H1438 גָּדַע
and your works H4639 מַעֲשֶׂה
may be abolished H4229 מָחָה


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.