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Webster's 1828 Dictionary


HEIGHTEN, verb transitive hitn. To raise higher; but not often used in this literal sense.

1. To advance in progress towards a better state; to improve; to meliorate; to increase in excellence or good qualities; as, to highten virtue; to highten the beauties of description, or of poetry.

2. To aggravate; to advance towards a worse state; to augment in violence.

3. To increase; as, to highten our relish for intellectual pleasure.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HEIGHTENED, participle passive hitnd. Raised higher; elevated; exalted; advanced; improved; aggravated; increased.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HEIGHTENING, participle present tense hitning. Raising; elevating; exalting; improving; increasing; aggravating.

HEIGHTENING, noun hitning. The act of elevating; increase of excellence; improvement.

1. Aggravation; augmentation.