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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Brother of pleasantness = pleasant.

1. The daughter of Ahimaaz, and wife of Saul (1 Samuel 14:50).

2. A Jezreelitess, the first wife of David (1 Samuel 25:43; 27:3). She was the mother of Amnon (2 Samuel 3:2). (See 1 Samuel 30:5, 18; 2 Samuel 2:2.)

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

beauty of the brother; brother of motion

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(brother of grace , i.e. gracious).

  1. The daughter of Ahimaaz and wife of Saul. (1 Samuel 14:50) (B.C. about 1090.)
  2. A native of Jezreel who was married to David during his wandering life. (1 Samuel 25:43) (B.C. 1060.) She lived with him and his other wife Abigail at the court of Achish, (1 Samuel 27:3) was taken prisoner with her by the Amalekites when they plundered Ziklag, (1 Samuel 30:5) but was rescued by David. (1 Samuel 30:18)