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  • Included in Eastons: Yes
  • Included in Hitchcocks: Yes
  • Included in Naves: Yes
  • Included in Smiths: Yes
  • Included in Websters: No
  • Included in Strongs: Yes
  • Included in Thayers: No
  • Included in BDB: Yes

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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Rejoicer in Jehovah.

1. One of the Levitical attendants at the temple, a descendant of Shubael (1 Chronicles 24:20).

2. A Meronothite, herdsman of the asses under David and Solomon (1 Chronicles 27:30).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

joy together, one Lord

Naves Topical Index

1. Son of Shubael
1 Chronicles 24:20

2. One of David's overseers
1 Chronicles 27:30

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(whom Jehovah makes glad).

  1. The representative of the Bene-Shub'l, in the time of David. (1 Chronicles 24:20)
  2. A Meronothite who had charge of the she-asses of David. (1 Chronicles 27:30) (B.C. 1046.)