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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Loving God.

1. The son of Hezron, the brother of Caleb (1 Chronicles 2:9, 25, 26, etc.).

2. The son of Kish, a Levite (1 Chronicles 24:29).

3. Son of Hammelech (Jeremiah 36:26).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

the mercy, or the beloved, of God

Naves Topical Index

1. Son of Hezron
1 Chronicles 2:9

2. Son of Kish
1 Chronicles 24:29

3. An officer of Jehoiakim, king of Judah
Jeremiah 36:26

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(mercy of God).

  1. First-born son of hezron, the son of Pharez, the son of Judah, (1 Chronicles 2:9,25-27,33,42) and founder of the family of Jerahmeelites. (1 Samuel 27:10) (B.C. before 1491.)
  2. A Merarite Levite, the representative of the family of Kish, the son of Mahli. (1 Chronicles 24:29) comp. 1 Chronicles 23:21 (B.C. 1014.)
  3. Son of Hammelech, who was employed by Jehoiakim to make Jeremiah and baruch prisoners, after the had burnt the roll of Jeremiah's prophecy. (Jeremiah 36:26) (B.C. 505.)

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(descendants of Jerahmeel), The, the tribe descended from the first of the foregoing persons. (1 Samuel 27:10) They dwelt in the south of Judah.