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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Before God; i.e., his servant, one of the Levites who returned with Zerubbabel from the Captivity (Nehemiah 9:4; 10:9; 12:8).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

God of antiquity; God of rising

Naves Topical Index

1. A Levite
Ezra 2:40; Ezra 3:9; Nehemiah 7:43; Nehemiah 12:8; Nehemiah 12:24

2. A Levite who assisted in leading the devotions of the people
Nehemiah 9:4-5; Nehemiah 10:9

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(before God), one of the Levites who with his family returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:40; Nehemiah 7:43) He and his house are mentioned in history on three occasions - (Ezra 3:9; Nehemiah 9:4,5; 10:9) (B.C. 535-410.)