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Easton's Bible Dictionary

A lifting up, gift, one of the sons of Ishmael, the founder of an Arabian tribe (Genesis 25:14); a nomad tribe inhabiting the Arabian desert toward Babylonia.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a burden; prophecy

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(burden), a son of Ishm'l. (Genesis 26:14; 1 Chronicles 1:30) His descendants were not improbably the Masani , placed by Ptolemy in the east of Arabia, near the borders of Babylonia.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary



1. The murder of an individual, or the slaughter of numbers of human beings, with circumstances of cruelty; the indiscriminate killing of human beings, without authority or necessity, and without forms civil or military. It differs from assassination, which is a private killing. It differs from carnage, which is rather the effect of slaughter than slaughter itself, and is applied to the authorized destruction of men in battle. Massacre is sometimes called butchery, from its resemblance to the killing of cattle. If a soldier kills a man in battle in his own defense, it is a lawful act; it is killing, and it is slaughter, but it is not a massacre. Whereas, if a soldier kills an enemy after he has surrendered, it is a massacre, a killing without necessity, often without authority, contrary to the usages of nations, and of course with cruelty. The practice of killing prisoners, even when authorized by the commander, is properly massacre; as the authority given proceeds from cruelty. We have all heard of the massacre of the protestants in France, in the reign of Charles IX. and frequent instances of barbarous massacre occur in the war between the Turks and Greeks.

2. Murder.


MAS'SACRE, verb transitive To murder human beings with circumstances of cruelty; to kill men with indiscriminate violence, without authority or necessity, and contrary to the usages of nations; to butcher human beings.

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Authorized by Moses
Deuteronomy 20:13; Deuteronomy 20:16

Decree to destroy the Jews
Esther 3:1-15

Instances of:


Of Heshbon
Deuteronomy 2:34

Of Bashan
Deuteronomy 3:6

Of Ai
Joshua 8:24-26

Of Hazor
Joshua 11:11-12

Of the cities of the seven kings
Joshua 10:28-40

Numbers 31:7-8

Prophets of Baal
1 Kings 18:40

Worshipers of Baal
2 Kings 10:18-28

Sons of Ahab
2 Kings 10:1-8

Seed royal of Athaliah
2 Kings 11:1

Inhabitants of Tiphsah
2 Kings 15:16

2 Kings 14:7

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

MAS'SACRER, noun One who massacres. [A very bad word.]

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Trial, temptation, a name given to the place where the Israelites, by their murmuring for want of water, provoked Jehovah to anger against them. It is also called Meribah (Exodus 17:7; Deuteronomy 6:16; Psalms 95:8, 9; Hebrews 3:8).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary


Naves Topical Index

An encampment of the Israelites.
Exodus 17:7

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(temptation), a name given to the spot, also called Meribah, where the Isr'lites tempted Jehovah. (Exodus 16:7; Psalms 95:8,9; Hebrews 3:8)