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  • Onan used 8 times.


  • Included in Eastons: Yes
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Strongs Concordance:


Easton's Bible Dictionary

Strong, the second son of Judah (Genesis 38:4-10; comp. Deuteronomy 25:5; Matthew 22:24). He died before the going down of Jacob and his family into Egypt.

Naves Topical Index

Son of Judah. Slain for his refusal to raise seed to his brother.
Genesis 38:4; Genesis 38:8-10; Genesis 46:12; Numbers 26:19; 1 Chronicles 2:3

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(strong), the second son of Judah by the Canaanitess, "the daughter of Shua." (Genesis 38:4; 1 Chronicles 2:3) "What he did was evil in the eyes of Jehovah and he slew him also, as he had slain his elder brother. (Genesis 38:9) His death took place before the family of Jacob went down into Egypt. (Genesis 46:12; Numbers 26:19) (B.C. 1706.)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

O'NANISM, noun [from Onan, in Scripture.] The crime of self-pollution.