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  • Included in Eastons: Yes
  • Included in Hitchcocks: No
  • Included in Naves: Yes
  • Included in Smiths: Yes
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  • Included in Strongs: Yes
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  • Included in BDB: Yes

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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Id., a Levite sent out through Judah by Jehoshaphat to teach the people (2 Chronicles 17:8).

Naves Topical Index

1. A Levite sent by Jehoshaphat to instruct the people in the law
2 Chronicles 17:8

2. A captive in Babylon
Zech 6:10; Zech 6:14

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(goodness of Jehovah).

  1. One of the Levites sent by Jehoshaphat, to teach the law in the cities of Judah. (2 Chronicles 17:8) (B.C. 910.)
  2. One of the captivity in the time of Zechariah, in whose presence the prophet ,as commanded to take crowns of silver and gold and put them on the head of Joshua the high priest. (Zechariah 6:10,14) (B.C 519.)