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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Gift of God.

1. The father of Jashobeam, who was one of David's officers (1 Chronicles 27:2).

2. An overseer of the priests after the Captivity (Nehemiah 11:14).

Naves Topical Index

1. Father of Jashobeam
1 Chronicles 27:2

2. An overseer of one hundred and twenty-eight mighty men of valor, who dwelt in Jerusalem
Nehemiah 11:14

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(gift of God).

  1. Father of Jashobeam, a chief of David's guard. (1 Chronicles 27:2) (B.C. before 1046.)
  2. A priest, son of the great men or as the margin gives it, "Haggedolim." (Nehemiah 11:14) (B.C. 459.)