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Luke 2:36 - Tribe

Luke 2:36 - And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity;
Verse Strongs No. Greek
And G2532 καί
there was G2258 ἦν
one Anna G451 Ἄννα
a prophetess G4398 προφῆτις
the daughter G2364 θυγάτηρ
of G1537 ἐκ
Phanuel G5323 Φανουήλ
of G1537 ἐκ
the tribe G5443 φυλή
of G1537 ἐκ
Aser she G3778 οὗτος
was G2258 ἦν
of G1537 ἐκ
a great age G4260 προβαίνω
and G2532 καί
had lived G2198 ζάω
with G3326 μετά
an husband G435 ἀνήρ
seven G2033 ἑπτά
years G2094 ἔτος
from G575 ἀπό
her G848 αὑτοῦ
virginity G3932 παρθενία


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.