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Acts 28:23 - Many

Acts 28:23 - And when they had appointed him a day, there came many to him into his lodging; to whom he expounded and testified the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus, both out of the law of Moses, and out of the prophets, from morning till evening.
Verse Strongs No. Greek
And G1161 δέ
when they had appointed G5021 τάσσω
him G846 αὐτός
a day G2250 ἡμέρα
there came G2240 ἥκω
many G4119 πλείων
to G4314 πρός
him G846 αὐτός
into G1519 εἰς
his lodging G3578 ξενία
to G4314 πρός
whom G3739 ὅς
he expounded G1620 ἐκτίθημι
and G1161 δέ
testified G1263 διαμαρτύρομαι
the G3588
kingdom G932 βασιλεία
of G575 ἀπό
God G2316 θεός
persuading G3982 πείθω
them G846 αὐτός
concerning G4012 περί
Jesus G2424 Ἰησοῦς
both G5037 τέ
out of G575 ἀπό
the G3588
law G3551 νόμος
of G575 ἀπό
Moses G3475 Μωσεύς
and G1161 δέ
out of G575 ἀπό
the G3588
prophets G4396 προφήτης
from G575 ἀπό
morning G4404 πρωΐ
till G2193 ἕως
evening G2073 ἑσπέρα


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.